Parrot, we are all deeply saddened losing you, such a wonderful dog. We wish we could have done more for you during your short life. We will all miss your wags and kisses!

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Parrot's Story

In January, Parrot sat hopelessly in a Baltimore shelter on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized. The employees at the shelter had deemed Parrot a favorite and reached out to rescues to save him from his pending death.

His face and wiggles just said it all!

Parrot first owner discarded him like a piece of trash in the shelter with little chance of survival.

Lucky Dog saw his charm and sprang Parrot from the shelter to help him find a new loving life. He was placed with an experienced foster that worked with Parrot on his manners and training and received lots of love in return.

Parrot had wiggles, kisses and hugs for every person that met him. His favorite was snuggling up with his chin on his humans shoulder while sleeping. Well that.... and the belly rubs!


It started out as a nice, normal day for Parrot with a stroll down 18th street with his foster heading for an adoption event. Parrot was happily attending a Family oriented, Community Street Festival in Adams Morgan that day. Tragically, Parrot would meet his unforseen and unwarranted tragic death this day.

Who knew that dogs getting into a scruffle warranted instant death?

As we all know, it is difficult to convince people who fear "bully breeds" otherwise, but we know that Parrot will tell his own story in time... a story of being misunderstood, being the victim of the breed label, and one that will torture our hearts forever.

Parrot was a wonderful dog, just looking for a a life taken away by a single cruel action.
We at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue are greatly saddened by the sudden loss of Parrot who was shot by a DC police officer in Adams Morgan on September 12th. Eye witnesses on the scene feel that the police overreacted, causing the unneccessary loss of a wonderful dog. While this is a very sad time for all of us here at Lucky Dog, we are proud in the fact that our dedicated fosters and volunteers managed the situation in the best way possible, appreciate all of the support and well-wishes from the community and will continue to work to provide safe homes for dogs in Parrot's memory.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dedication in Parrot's Honor by a 14 year old


My name is Burt Tienken, I am a Pit Bull owner, foster parent and activist in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. I have ready many accounts of Parrot's story and just cannot make sense of it. I am saddened by what seems to be an abuse of power by the DC Police Dept.

I am spreading the word though Facebook, but would like to do more.

My son Burton (he's 14) and our rescued Pit Bull, Belle will be competing for the Skyhoundz World Championship in Youth Freestyle (canine disc) on Sep. 25-26 in Chattanooga, TN. We would like to honor Parrot by dedicating their performance to his memory.

I have 3 Pit Bulls, 2 of which compete in disc dog sports and we have always gone above and beyond to display a positive image of the breed we care so much about. I hope that this little gesture will in some small way help to raise awareness of the continued struggle we must go though every day to prove we have great dogs.

My sincere sympathy on your loss.

Burt Tienken
Florence, KY

P.S. You can follow Burton and Belle's progress on Facebook by going to!

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  1. Thank you. Anything we can do to turn around the negative image perpetrated by the media for pit bulls is wonderful.